Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Touching base

A big thanks to punk_rock_nerd for dropping by and making sure I was alright a few days ago. A huge thanks to morsla for delivering home-made chinese dumplings to me last night to make sure I had something other than soup to eat. Also, as a side note, I got a phone call from bishi_wanabe's mother yesterday (!) also checking up on me, which was nice (if a bit wierd).

I have made an appointment to see another quack tomorrow, who will no doubt try to foist a new breed of snake oil onto me.

Today had been quite productive, however, as my summer student and I have discovered something new and fascinating about our co-culture chemostat! Consequently, I am currently chasing up Scanning Electron Microscopy over at Botany. Yay.
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