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The wrath of Becka

Why I hate being a scientist, #00501

Having to work in the anaerobic chamber at 37 degrees for hours on end when I am sick, feverish and near to passing out.

Why I hate being a scientist, #07804

Having to wander in full regailia (lab coat, goggles and gloves) carrying a bottle in a sealed bucket to go to the dungeon of a basement to refill said bottle in the dangerous goods store room. On the other hand, this means I get to brandish 2.5 L of absolute ethanol at any of the idiot who get in my way. :)

Okay, life has been up and down a lot lately, but mostly dominated by NaNo and work. I'm sick, but still working because today is a paid work day (woohooo!), and because my other experiments demand my attention (D'oh!). NaNo is going swimmingly, with only about 2600 words to go. Now all I have to do with wrap the damn thing up.

I bought a new corset for a very nice price. It laces up the back and has hooks up the front for easy application (or removal, as the helpful saleswoman told me), but unfortunately Jye was completely unmoved by it. There goes plan B, I suppose. Sigh.

That's the basic run down. More updates to follow as I get my time back. :)
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