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Getting back on track

Gah. Life. Ever complicated, ever simple.

Now that NaNo has passed, I am faced with the arduous task of putting my life back into gear after being remarkably absent from it for a month. Uni work has dwindles, house work has piled up, and my enthusiasm has flagged. I've started some part time work for CSL, through the Uni, which is helping a little. It's not as though I'm faced with any real problem or challenge at the moment, I think it is more to do with the fact that everything around me is stagnant.

I crave change.

What my experience with NaNo has taught me is that I long to be a writer. I would want to spend my days writing, if I could. To be a writer has always been my dream, my plan was always that I would get my degree in science so that I could have a real job to fall back on when, invariably, my career as an author fell through. I had stopped writing for the longest time, and now having picked it up again I realised how much I love it.

To write or not to write, that is the question...

For now, though, it's just one mental foot after the other in my quest to get my scholarship and then my PhD. We will see how I go from there...
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