Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

SMS Chess

Between punk_rock_nerd and I, between our various work scheduals and such. He moved first, and thus is white. I am the dastardly red. Mwahahaha. No assisting us, please! This is a battle between two worthy foes, and it would be dishonest for us to take advice from others.

(As an aside, there have been some minor errors from both parties thus far due to lack of communication... so no mocking any odd moves either of us have made.)

1) punk_rock_nerd: Knight G1 to F3
2) miss_rynn: Pawn E7 to E6
3) PRN: Pawn G2 to G3
4) MR: Bishop F8 to G3
5) PRN: Pawn B2 to B3
6) MR: Knight G8 to F6
7) PRN: Bishop C1 to B2
8) MR: Knight F6 to H5
9) PRN: Bishop B2 captures Pawn G7
10) MR: Rook H8 to G8
11) PRN: Bishop G7 to F6
12) MR: Knight H5 captures Bishop F6
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