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TV that Makes Me Angry

My new pet hate? "Medical Investigation", thursdays at 9.30. I wanted to like it, but it makes me full of rage. I am a rage bunny.

Take CSI (the bad parts) and mash it into ER (also the bad parts).

I find it insulting on an intellectual and a professional level. I mean, they took a swab, fed it into a computer, and then all these pictures of bacteria started flashing across the screen. A mix of EM images and Gram Stains. What the holy crap is up with that.

They actually used the line, "Now you're thinking like an epidemiologist".

And they have been mispronounciing bacterial species names.

Soon there are going to be legions of teenagers who think they know what it means to be a microbiologist/epidemiologist just because they've watched a TV show. Mark my words, this show is going to do to my field was Agent Dana Scully did to forensic science.


Feb. 10th, 2005 02:36 pm (UTC)
And they have been mispronounciing bacterial species names.

I'll admit my bacterial species nonclameture is rather poor but is it possible that Americans pronounce it differently? I mean there's so many other things they so that are weird (it took me years to figure out what "bangs" were in relation to a girl's head).

Then again it could be just crap TV for the masses. I'm sure people who work in hospitals cringe at some of the bits of All Saints.
Feb. 10th, 2005 08:54 pm (UTC)
Even with accents aside, their pronounciation was poor. I myself am with accent, and I've met many scientists from around the world from a variety of countries.

I think what bothered me the most, though, was that after they uncovered their pathogenic bug of the week they were calling it by its full latin name. Everybody in the field is lazy when it comes to communication, and will always shorten it to the standard genus initial species name format - ie, E. coli. Or, if it's a bug with a long name, they'll even shorten the species designation - people often use P. ging in my lab rather than P. gingivalis.

I know, it's pedantic of me, but it is a field full ofm pedants.