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Expanded good news

Okay! I let loose with a bit of a bomb-shell before, so I'd best explain further and with bigger words and such.

My lovely brother, Josh, as of a few weeks ago, is enganged to wed Kirri, his girlfriend of three or so years. They are wonderously happy, and all families concerned are rather chuffed. As an added bonus, I get a new big sister in the bargain as well, so it can't be bad at all. :) No rings have been exchanged yet, because they are planning on designing them themselves, but my brother being the formal sort he is asked Kirri's parents permission to marry their daughter - so it's all officially official.

The wedding is not going to be until at least 2004, so that gives you all time to congratulate them yourselves when you see them next. I don't think it was supposed to be a secret, but if it was - who cares! Spread the mirth I say.
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