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Current events

I keep feeling bad that I've been whining so much lately, and filling my lj with ranting and bitching. But then, I remind myself that it is my lj, no-one else's, so I can do what I like. So there, nyer.

I'm spending most of this week preparing for a series of experiments which will take almost all of next week. Which will suck, but what can you do. It's looking like I will have even less spare time that I do now in the next few months, which sucks also.

I've tested the waters at my part time job about maybe getting more hours (if things go really badly here), and the boys I work with seem quite happy for me to replace "Budgie" on the weekends if I like. (Everybody has crazy nicknames at my part-time job. My manager calls me "Berocca", because he thinks it's funny.) Still not enough for me to earn as much as I need to in order to survive, but it's a start.

Anyway, I'm very tired and hot and generally in a bad mood. mousebane's last 7th Sea session tonight, which is sad. Then my D&D game tomorrow, which is becoming more and more frustrating for me. The things I tell my players seem not to sink in as much as I would like, and I get the impression that they get irritated when I remind them of these things in play or what have you.
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