Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,


Where have I been, I hear the silence ask?

The owner wants to inspect the house on Wednesday. We only found out on tuesday, and on friday we discovered that no, we cannot change the date of the inspection. Because the owner doesn't live in Melbourne, and will only be down on one day, blah blah blah. I was under the impression that we were entitled to two weeks notice before any inspection, but maybe I was mistaken.

In any case, there has been cleaning. There will be more cleaning. Most of the cleaning will be throwing stuff out and vacuuming. Our house isn't one of those nasty student houses where things are growing under piles of undescribable rubbish, there's just a whole lot of random stuff all over the place. Except for the bathroom, which I will today be attacking with a steam gun, and the backyard, which due to a suspected poisoning should have nothing growing in it any way (this means mighty weeding).

I'm irritated and cranky and generally nervous that we won't get the place clean. (Of course we will get the place clean, seeing as how in half a day we did two and a half rooms, but you know, I'm a panicy person.) Basically I wouldn't be much company anyway.

I broke the vacuum cleaner, fixed it with electrician's tape, beat the rugs with a broom over the fence, and went shopping for more cleaning products.

Now, to warm up my precious steam gun...
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