Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,


Impromptu DDR with matcha_pocky last night.

Had to wrestle the big screen machine from some tragic baby-goths (ahhh, when two generations of goths meet in the night), but later they hung around watching our fu.

We were off form for most of the night, being out of practice and fitness and such, but we did have our own special moments to shine in. Revisited old favourites, though my step counts were not up to par in my opinion.

And then, the last dance swung around after about an hour and a half of faffing about. With our last hurrah we chose Afronova, light mode, the five feet version. Complicated, fast, energetic and crazy, it is always a good choice for the last dance.

The chaotic drum beats started, and I hit my zen phase for the evening.

I did not miss a step.

Not even the crazy part at the end! I was, at last, in L337* form. My ninja-ness was undisputed. The fu was strong in this one.

In the city on the way home, I walked passed the baby-goths from the arcade, and smiled at my own coolness as the dulcet tunes of Jimi Hendrix's guitar surrounded me from my iPod.

Sometimes, I rock.

* And sometimes I don't.
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