Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Expanded Hijinks

Yeah, I know, thrid post in one day. I'm just making up for lost time - or something.

Anyway, Sydney was a whole lot of fun, except the parts on airplanes. Having spend a rather large chunk of my child-hood on planes, you'd expect that I'd be ok with them. This is pretty much true, excpet when on small planes. I have this theory that anything less than a 747 is NOT airworthy. This theory was proved correct when in both landings and takeoffs the wings wobbled way too much and the plane coasted from side to side. Oh, and on the way back home I could feel us dropping in the air for about 3 seconds about 5 different times. I do not like small planes. I was actually too frightened to look out the window when we approached for landing back in Melbourne.

Xmas was fun too, just way too much travelling involved. Day 1, Melb to Rye, day 2 Rye to Melb to Bendigo, day 3 Bengido to Melb. I scored a MD player out of it though, so it wasn't all bad. Oh, and Jye coped well with family and extended family alike.

And why was my new years eve so great? It's not every night you get to spend your evening giving hot oily massages to topless boys or undress handsome young men with your teeth. Like I said, it was worth the three day hang over. I made sure to fill my dance card by offering to give more hot oily massages at a later date. (Apparently, I had forgotten how fun it was to spend the evening in the company of several single men...) I also got to see several people I miss dearly and who I love very much, so it was all good. Next time, however, I'll just stick to the designer girlie drinks and stay clear of spirits.

Work still sucks, nothing new there. Still no word on scholarship, but who is really surprised? But on another money note (I'm so witty!), it looks like my parents are actually going to give me a little more money so I can at last creep above the poverty line! Wooohooo!

Jye is doing well, and enjoyed his holidays a whole lot. Consequently, however, he is hopelessly addicted to Morrowind (the poor dear). Bunyip is well, and probably sleeping. All in all, things aren't doing too badly. Which is nice.

On the gaming front, I am about to start the sixth year of my Harry Potter game, and I've got the skeleton of a plot for my Harry Potter game at Arcanacon this year. Some character ideas for the Exalted game Jye and I will be running at Conquest. I've got one or two new campaign ideas (either L5R or StarWars), and I suspect I may run a Changeling game based on the Chronicles of Narnia next year for Arc. Because I am a big fat geek.

My love goes out to absent friends. I miss you all, and wish you were with me.

My sage piece of parting advice:

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I like to be in control of myself. I dislike crowds, especially crowds containing people trying to kill me. Even though I always win, I prefer to avoid fights if possible. What Video Game Character Are You?
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