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Too much of a bad thing

I finally managed to get some sleep last night, and you know what? I had nightmares about work (namely the fucking chemostat). It's just not funny anymore.

Now I'm debating whether or not to go into work to check to see if everything is okay. I have to do some 'puter work anyway, though I was planning on doing that at home today...

Sigh. I'm so pathetic.


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Mar. 19th, 2005 10:58 pm (UTC)
As someone who alse dreams about work, I'm told there are relaxation techniques that can help manage this. Haven't personally looked into it, but my work dream tend to only happen when it's stupidly busy.

Some time management tricks could help, like making a to do list as the last thing before leaving work. I means that you know that you won't forget anything so you don't need to keep listing tasks to yourself. Another trick I've been told for dealing with work stress is to set yourself up a ritual for when you leave work: for example, when you arrive home, strip, have a shower, put on an entirely different set of clothes - shedding the work skin/persona, helping define the seperation between work and home.

How are you going with your goal list, have you had your first follow up with your supervisors yet? Have you been documenting the problems with the chemostat to show clearly it is not you fault it is faulty.

You've probably already thought about all this stuff. *hugs* hope you are feeling better soon.
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