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One of those 'meh' days

I know 60 days is ages to find a house and move and such, but it's just plain irritating and gives me one (really, two) more thing to worry about. I was having probolems sleeping last night because I couldn't stop thinking about how difficult it is going to be to find a place with enough room for all the stuff we have collected... stuff that we don't want to get rid of. And about how we're going to get rid of the stuff we no longer want to keep.

Stupid tiny inner-city rubbish bins.

One of my supervisors has been away for two weeks, and is back today. Now, while I've done a whole lot of work, I don't want to appear like I have done very little. I hate doing all this work and having very little to show for it. Consequently, I have no real desire to go into work to face him, even though I know delaying this will just make the problem worse.

My throat has been kind of sore for a few days. I'm ignoring it in the hopes it goes away.

I had dinner cooked by CAMERON last night. It was grand to see him and his housemates, reinzero and mongoloidcousin, and also astrodust who turned up after work at a near-by cafe. I had a fantastic time, and it reminded me of the life I want to have. It also inspired me to look for places in their area, but alas they seem to be a little pricey (curse you Smith Street).

So, yeah. Today I am 'meh'.
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