Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

House Hunting, Day One

When I get my colossal ass into gear, I can be a ninja of many things. My abilities to find a restaurant on a saturday night what will accept 14 people right there and then with no booking have been tested and proven already, so it has come to my latest challenge - House Relocation 2005.

I have emailed real estate agents about 15 places. I have checked out five places from the outside. I have talked to real estate agents about a place that isn't yet avaliable for inspection.

I have already inspected one place, and gotten a hold of the tenancy application forms.

I am determined to get a nice place in our price-range and our desired areas. Fear my house-hunting-ninja-fu.

Incidentally - I know some of you have already expressed interest, but if there are any of you out there with cars (especially those with trailers, or vans, or that kind of thing) that would be interested in helping bishi_wannabe and I move house (from North Melbourne to, probably, North Melbourne), please let me know!

My fu cannot be stopped.
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