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In news related to moving

We never had a house-warming at our old place. bishi_wannabe is not the party sort, you see. I havn't had a birthday party since my 21st either, so, you know, I think I'm about due.

It also comes to my attention that we will have to be moved out by the 20-somethingth of May... which is only roughly two weeks before my birthday. (Yeah, I know, thanks for the peachy keen present you black-hearted owner!)

So this year, I might just have to combine these two awful events - moving house and aging - and give you all a chance to laugh at me for more than the usual reasons. Provided you all leave at a civilised hour so that bishi_wannabe doesn't get too wierded out by people touching his things and being in his house. If you want to mock my decrepit, pudgey, newly housed form and think this is a good idea, let me know.
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