Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Holidays for some

I will have to go in to work during this mini holiday season, but I have no enthusiasm to do so. Partly because I am so disatisfied with it at the moment, and partly because I have been trying to convince myself that I am not getting sick for the past week, which is beginning to catch up with me. Probably nothing more than a random cold, but it has been lurking for some time and is making me uneasy. And physically tired, too - a short walk with bishi_wannabe today left me panting and woozey.

I can't really afford to get sick right now.

Incidentally, moral at work is at an all-time low - not just with me. Many of the students are highly displeased with work in general, and I know for a fact that several of the staff members are very unhappy with the work situation. A few have started looking for work elsewhere. This is hardly surprising, considering that there has been a whole lot of new employees joining us, but there have been no new offices allocated or extra equipment/resources made avaliable.

We were already pressed for equipment, but with a bloat in staff things are reaching critical levels. Not to mention that it has just gone past grant-writing time - which means that it is up to the time where grants are either accepted or rejected. More unhappy people.

I'm wondering how many of us will jump ship before the shit hits the fan.
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