Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Sand, splinters and tape.

I broke my habu (the bamboo part of my naginata) not so long ago.

I'm one of those firm believers in the dangers of bamboo splinters, so I was keen to replace my habu as soon as possible (it is only the second one I've broken in seven or so years - not a bad track record, really). As is happens, the club was recently gifted with several new habu which are avaliable for the members to purchase.

I was organising such a purchase when Mrs N pointed out that she had some old naginata which she was willing to sell to the students, but that they were in quite bad shape. I offered to fix them up, so that they could be sold next week, and also to buy one for myself (I now have a lovely matched pair of naginata - my old one, the ebu (wooden haft) of which is a rose coloured oak, and my new second-hand one, which is more of a blonde colour).

I've spent my afternoon sanding back the spintered second hand habus, making little piles of bamboo splinters and sand-paper dust, and have re-taped them, as well as taping up my old naginata with its shiny new habu.

Now that I have two naginata, however, I should probably have different names for them. For my zenichi as well, I guess. My old naginata was always called "Mr Pointy" (tongue-in-cheek, of course), but now that my weapon collection has grown I'm not sure that name is 'right' for it anymore.

I welcome any suggestions of names - I may even prepare a poll later.
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