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My life is bland and uninteresting

I snaffled more boxes from work - old irradiated feed boxes from the animal house. I have a feeling they may have rodent pee on them, given the way bunyip_the_cat keeps smelling them curiously.

I need to get rid of all of the alcohol dregs in the mostly empty bottles all through my house. I am suspecting a "Flaming Moe" type incident in the near future.

My meeting today was only with one supervisor, and went well. For a change. Just to keep me on my toes.

Today I finally picked up my very own copy of the Black album by Metallica. I felt something of a fraud not owning it, and feel much better now that I do.

Packing has also taught me that I have an offensive amount of clothing. Fortunately, there are some Brotherhood of St Lawrence bins not a block from my house. There has been much donation.

In other sorts of donation news, we've had so much random detritis to get rid of that bishi_wannabe and I made several commando-styled runs to a nearby dumpster. I am, apparently, a white trash ninja in the most literal sense.
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