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Jedi mind tricks

When I was much younger, I was read a book by Douglas Adams (It may have been "Mostly Harmless", but I forget exactly which it was) in which he described a scene surrounding a character waiting in line to catch a plane, or to check his bags in at an airport... something of that nature. In any case, the character was very annoyed about something, and decided to try something based on an article he read in a (ficticious) volume of Time magazine, which claimed that as short term memory can only hold about seven thoughts at once, in order to put something out of your mind all you need to do is to think of seven or so things in as rapid succession as you can.

I know, it sounds a bit hokey.

In recent times, what with all the stress in my life, I've had problems sleeping due to dwelling on anxiety-causing thoughts or not being able to get back to sleep after having nightmares and being concerned I will just go back into the bad dream.

That was a whole lot of needless explaination.

Anyway, I've been trying to use a new tactic, as suggested by Douglas Adams, when I am dwelling on thing I don't want to think about - to think about as many different things as quickly as possible, so as to forget what I was originally worried about. It's taken a little bit of practice, but I seem to be getting better at it. It's also oddly satisfying to use my own mind against itself.

Or maybe that's just me...

In other news, today I picked up a new swanky pair of boots for nuwishas_tail's wedding which are also a birthday present from my parents. Yay for not having to pay for very expensive, but ever so worth it, boots. Photos ot follow, once we have moved and I have found my camera...
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