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Pausing for breath

I've been having surreal nightmares a whole lot. I am still suffering from mild house-anxiety, and I don't know why. All that being said, however, today is the last day I am having anything to do with 71 Courtney Street...

Friday night was a little sad, because our internet connection was cut off. I don't know why, but that final blow of not being able to download porn to my heart's content made the move seewm all the more real and imminent. bishi_wannabe did the dishes for the last time, while I frantically packed most of what was left and dismanted the bed. bunyip_the_cat seemed fascinated by the matress on the floor; it was obvious that she knew *something* was going on, but she couldn't work out what it was...

We woke up at about 6 on Saturday, and I for one was full of nervous energy. We buzzed about doing last minute packing stuff, and waited. delwyn showed up at about 10, and berated us (light-heartedly) that we had not yet begun the actual moving process. At about 10.30, bishi_wannabe's parents showed up with a covered trailer, and the loading of boxes began. I teked to the new house on foot, to make sure someone was there when the stuff arrived, and continued on my path to world domination by organising some of the missing folk from our party - emp2_4601 was at MA training, and would arrive later, vorex was on his way, and disaster had befallen morsla and aeliel, but they promised that they would make it. Moving happened.

My mother, nuwishas_tail and punk_rock_berd showed up and helped a great deal as well, although my mother got lost along the way...

Then there was setting up of furniture and moving of heavy objects up stairs! I have to extend my huge, heartfelt gratitude to emp2_4601, punk_rock_nerd, vorex, morsla and aeliel for putting the bed and the clothes rack thingie together. In fact, emp2_4601 was one of the most helpful people I had ever seen. All I can say is that I hope his girlfriend goes away more often so that he has nothing better to do. :)

Incidentally, everyone who helped move must tell me something that they like a whole lot (preferably cooking-wise) that I may provide it for them.

Sunday, 6.30 am start, was a day of unpacking. bunyip_the_cat adjusted to the new house. I think she is going to like it a whole lot, which brings me joy. We also turned on the hot water heater, and there was much debate as to if the noise we were hearing was normal, or the noise you get just before a gas explosion. No major damage was done, and we had hot water.

Monday, 6.30 am start, was a day of cleaning at 71 Courtney, which was sad, but it needed to be done. It it looking much shinier now. My knees ache, my legs are tender, and I am covered with bruises.

Today the carpets are being cleaned, and then I shall walk the keys back to Thomson's Real Estate and forever sevre my connection with a house in which there has been joy, heartache, and a while lot of gaming. :)
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