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These and more updates

Fan-girl update: I spent friday wandering around the city, wearing my boots, a cheeky black skirt and my 'I Am Cute' baby-doll T-shirt, while listening to Sharon Apple on my Sony MD player. First person to get the references wins a prize.

Con-game update: Act 1 complete, Act 2 1/3rd complete, Act 3 in the planning stage. Needs a dose of HP atmosphere, but I'm dealing with that. Characters all but completely visualised, still need to be put on paper.

Console game update: still addicted to Morrowind.

RPG update: Need plot for my HP game for tomorrow. And seriously thinking about writing a vampire hunter mini-campaign.

Work update: No pay, no work. I don't give a damn if the cells don't survive anymore.

Bunyip update: Asleep on black satin sheets. Need I say more?

Weather update: I must say that it was one of the more bizzare, surreal and frightening experiences with walking to work today (and I've walked to school in a blizzard before). The city is veiled in a smoke haze - you can actually smell the burning grass and eucalyptus. The sun turned orange. I've never been in the city like this before. The bush fires have been made more realistic in my mind now, not just a thing that happens in other states or cities. Very strange. Also, desperately waiting for the cool change.

Dream update: Why the *hell* is Elijah Wood in my dreams?!
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