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Comment meme wozit.

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In other news, I am not looking forward to the weekend. What I need is a full day to unplug and relax, which I have not had for some weeks now. This weekend seems to be no exception to that rule; training on Saturday and a stupid AGM on Sunday.

Martial arts and politics.

I am, as I have been for some time, the naginata representative on the Melbourne Budokai committee. I just don't have the time for it these day, though. I just don't. I've tried to convince myself that I do, and it just doesn't happen. And I know it will make me feel bad and guilty to force someone else to take over the role, but godammit I've done it for five years now. Let someone else do it. I don't have the enthusiasm I need for life, let alone some stupid committee.

But no one else will fill the role, so I am going to have to do it. Because it would be unfair of me to get someone else to do it.

I hate how weak willed I am sometimes.
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