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May. 4th, 2005

Experimental anthropology. I occasionally pull stunts on my co-workers, just to so how they react to things. Being all narrow-world-view folk, all very normal and banal in their own ways, I find it amusing and interesting to expose them to things outside of their world view. I'll occasionally arrive at work in a very short skirt, or a corset, or other such things just to see how their fragile little paradigms cope.

Today I am wearing a coin-belt. I jingle with every movement. What's more, if I wear a lab-coat, you can't see from whence the jingle comes. I'm finding the varying reactions amusing.

Burlesque. I think I'd like to join a burlesque dancing troupe. This would mean, of course, making sure that bishi_wannabe is okay with it and, perhaps more importantly, learning the fine art of burlesque. Which is really most of the point. I think I should like to prance around, pin-up-girl-pretty (because, let's face it, women in Playboy today have NOTHING on the pin-up girls of the past), and win smiles, appreciation and chuckles from an audience.

If anybody knows of any classes one can take or troupes looking to recruit, let me know.

Binding. A while ago, Lon put the idea in my head that I should have my old con modules compiled in a leather-bound volume. He even suggested that I could sell some of these collected works to a willing public (if there is such a thing). The idea, the more I think about it (and particularly given the response to my post yesterday) appeals to me. If I go ahead with it, I may have to re-type some of my old modules, but that I suppose wouldn't be too much of a drama....

Sounds like another excuse for an lj-poll!

Poll #487199 A Question of Vanity Publishing

If I were to have bound editions of some of my old con modules, would you be interested in buying them?

Shouldn't you be writing your thesis?
It would depend on the price
Price is no object!

What kind of game collection would you prefer?

The whole lot, even the really bad ones
Only the best ones
Games collected by genre (ie, horror, comedy, etc.)
Games collected by setting (ie, Changeling the Dreaming, BESM, etc.)
Game types (ie, table-top games, freeforms, etc.)
Games by series (ie, The Arcadian Chronicles Trilogy)
Games collected by convention (ie, Arcanacon, Conquest or Unicon)

Do you think this is a really bad idea?


Any other suggestions?

Mmmmm - lj-cuts....


May. 4th, 2005 01:30 pm (UTC)
Some stuff to consider...

* what would be the goal in selling them? Extra cash? Exposure? Just the neat feeling of having done something artistic? :) Not wanting to let your good ideas moulder in a virtual cupboard?

Its possible that for exposure, you might be better providing downloadable pdfs or something - maybe not of the best games, if you want to get to write professionally, or want people to publish your games later.

* You've probably thought about this already, but I know some of your games have been based on other people's worlds and stories (there was a Neon Genesis one, and a Harry Potter). If you're charging money for these scenarios, you could find yourself in strife for "stealing intellectual property" or some such.

um... yeah :) just stuff bubbling in me brain.
May. 4th, 2005 11:07 pm (UTC)
Mostly, it'll be for the neat feeling I get. As for the downloadable idea... I'm old fashioned. I like stuff I can have and hold and pet and call George if I really want to. Electronic media, while cool, easy and convenient, is very impersonal.

I mean, let's face it; the people who would want to buy such a collection (at a price which basically covers the printing/binding costs) would only be people who have heard of my games anyway - it's not like I'm going to get exposure as a game writer that way. You folks already know who I am. :)

As for the "stuff what I have stolen from other creators", as I like to call it, in every game I use other people's material/ideas/characters, I *always* aknowledge that the work in question was not my own. It's in the introduction or the preface of the module, depending on what format I was writing in at the time.

Which is all well and good, and keeps me out of trouble legally speaking, right up until I start making money from it (or at least that is my understanding). Provided that I make no profit, I *believe* that I am in the clear....
May. 9th, 2005 05:21 am (UTC)
It's not just making no profit
it's not making any money at all. You can't charge anything for anything significantly based on the work of others without buying a licence. Technically you can't even do free stuff, it's just most publishers/authors/etc recognise that sue-ing their fan base is a bad tactic.