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Thesis. I am totally going to have a t-shirt printed that say, "Why yes, I AM writing my thesis". I know the whole 'shouldn't you be writing your thesis' thing is a running joke I am perpetrating the most, but quite frankly I am not going to have enough data to write my thesis on for maybe, if I'm lucky, only six months. If I am unlucky? 12 months.

So yes, I *should* be writing my thesis, but at the moment I can't actually write up. So there, nyer.

Life. I now have life-time membership with Infinite Images Role-playing Club of Melb Uni. Which puts me in the illustrious ranks of several, and amongst some people I'd be happy if I never saw again in my entire life. Sure, very few people at the club know who I am anymore (the young whipper-snappers), but I'll fix that with Unicon this year I am sure. It's kind of nice, almost as if my long connections with the club are finally being recognised. That and it reminds me of the coup we staged to usurp someone vastly unpleastant when I became President. :) Back in my day, when I was on the committee, the idea of life-time membership was rejected by one of the first people who recieved it. Which I find hypocritical and funny. Anyway, just random babble.

Unicon. I've talked it over with bishi_wannabe and mousebane at least briefly, and we are entering into talks about getting our asses into gear to plan our games for Unicon 2005. At this stage, we will all of us be there with our three games, and continue in our secret and devious plans of world domination.

Given my time is a mysterious and changable beast, if there is anyone who would like to help me run at Unicon (on the off chance I can't actually make it) please feel free to volunteer yourselves! I'll be running a faery kind of a game, in case you didn't know. Getting back to my roots and all that. :P


May. 6th, 2005 12:34 am (UTC)

I'm not actually in the committee, and never have been - it's been much easier to do things for the club over some of the, er, "disorganised" years without having to fight the committee to get anything done :) I'll mention the shirts to them though.

Actually, after asking around I think mister Jennings was ammended to a Freakish Yam at some point in the past - no idea when that happened, but the consitution seems to have changed. The Condiment Clause was discussed at the AGM though, to the bemusement of the firsties who have never seen a club constitution before ;)

MUSU was torn apart by the university after the President and General Secretary extorted huge sums of money (spending some of it on overseas jaunts), brokered favourable deals for their old business partners (worth enough money to bankrupt the whole place) and ammended the constitution to make it virtually impossible for any group to run against them in the elections. It'd be funny, except that I was in four committees that relied on MUSU financial support... and their little joyride through politics is being held up as a reason to make all student unionism voluntary.
May. 6th, 2005 01:18 am (UTC)
I believe the "Freakish Yam" change was put into place either in my presidency or in cameronisbest's following mine. This was due to Jenni having confided in people privately that the "Attractive Man" clause made him feel a might uncomfortable.