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Something very perplexinf has happened in the passed year. I have become less of a freak magnet, and more of a lost person magnet. For some reason, I look like the sort of person that people can ask directions of. Very odd.

Someone once told me that people have been scientifically shown to feel less threatened by blondes, and thus will favour them when it comes to asking random questions. More fun? Who can say.

I've decided to take up Tai Chi as a second matrial art. It is my fond hope that one day I will become a little old lethal asian woman. Well, that and the physiotherapist says that I need to do more full body movement excersises or else my ribs will be crushed into my sternum due to the tenseness of the mucles along my spine...

In any case, I want to do more martial arts. And since I don't think I can take kyudo in Australia, and because I'm not bad ass enough to do hard core kung fu, and I'm too much of a wuss to do anything like karate, judo or aikido, I'm gonna give tai chi a shot.
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