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Data. My attempts to create a graph to prove my worth today died when transfering data from the analysis machine to the computer so that I could convert it to something which looks impressive rather than a collection of meaningless numbers. I dropped the floppy disk, you see, and it appears to be cranky and refusing to work. The problem is a) I have no more floppy disks handy, having switched to zip-disks, CDs and thumb-dives long ago, and b) I just don't seem to have the get-up-and-go I need to be bothered.

Food. In my attempts to return to a normal life I have started eating breakfast again, hoping it would give me additional energy and make me more able to do the things I need to, but all it seems to have achieved is to make me fatter. Which is just peachy. Because what I really needed was to feel worse about myself. Just brilliant.

At least I get to excercise my sarcasm muscles.

Typing. I'm having remarkable difficulties typing today. I keep hitting the keys next to the ones I want to use, or getting letters in words in the wrong order; that sort of thing. This means it is taking me twice as long to type as it normally does. This poses a problem, as I am now the official data entry bitch at my night work (because everybody else is too lazy or too stupid to do it). Ah well, what are the chances of the vic police checking up tonight's entries from the second-hand-tade database?

Speaking of which, I think I've worked out why I am so tired on Friday nights after work. Because what I'm really doing is working an 11 hour day. Fuck, I'm an idiot sometimes.

Music. I started working on the soundtrack to my fae game for Unicon last night. Soundtracks to me are very important in games, for while I'm writing them and for while I am running them. As many of you know, the soundtrack to 'Evolution' was pretty darn important to the atmosphere, and what my D&D players might not know is that I usually have a piece of music dedicated to each NPC they meet ('The Imperial March' for Vaelenta (in her current incarnation), 'Jartecken' by Ulf Soderberg for Cinder, 'Understood' by Depeche Mode for Bastion, and so on).

Game musings. It is my hope that such a soundtrack will help keep my enthusiasm up for the game. I really, REALLY want it to be good. I'm not sure I can live up to 'Evolution', which was probably the best of my con games so far, but then again 'Evolution' managed to surpass the 'Sixth Child' hoodoo which had been hanging over my head for quite some time. By the same token, having been out of the con-writing scene for a little while, I expect I'm going to be a tad rusty. What with lack of practice and all.

I suppose the one thing in my favour is that, apparently, very few people know who I am at II anymore, and thusly I can get away with not running up to my own standard if I have to - if they don't know who I am, then they won't have a preformed expectation of the game. We'll see.

In any case, mousebane, bishi_wannabe and I will have to get together to have a chat soonish. I understand that we need to submit blubs at the end of June?
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