Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Dungeons and Dragons. Bleah, I say. I've been bitten by the miniature bug again, which culminated on Friday with the purchase of more miniatures than was perhaps wise, but what can you do. Tonight I will try to sift through them to try to find something appropriate for the game on Wednesday - given there will be a whole lot of killing theives and assassins in corridors, actually breaking out dungeon tiles is probably a good idea.

Good old back-stab and sneak attacks.

Oven. The land lord, a rather nice elderly gentleman, brought around a friend of his to look at the oven. It is working now, and the door is more closed than it has been in the past (which is a good thing), but the little temperature dial thing is about 50-100 degrees off in the hot direction. Ruined a cake and almost burned shortbread. It's just going to take a little bit of fiddling, but I'm sure it'll work out okay. I still can't light it by myself, though - bishi_wannabe has to be the man of the hosue and light it for me.

Unicon. mousebane came around, hungover I might add, and we bashed out some game ideas. I'm beginning to think that keeping these joint meetings to a minimun may be a good idea - bishi_wannabe makes decisions almost at random, and mousebane has real problems making decisions. Boys. It went well, though, and everything is going according to plan. Kinda...

Music. My music addition continues, and I picked up copies of the OST and the Movie ST for Revolutionary Girl Utena, which I like more than I thought I did. I'll hopefully be nabbing some more STs and generic dark ambient stuff from morsla in the near future, because just like diamonds, a girl can never have enough. :) I think I am also going to have to make the pilgimage to Peril at some stage to choose CDs at random. I went in on Friday, but I was intimidated (?!) by not being hard-core enough these days.

But my hunger will not go unsatisfied...
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