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Scent. I have a hankering to get myself a new perfume. I have a whole bunch of perfumes and scented oils and what have you that I mix and match and blend, but they are all... I don't know, I guess they have all become every-day to me. Nice and all, but not special. Not unique. Not... perfect.

I've very picky about scents, because my sense of smell is pretty sensitive. Which is funny, considering the awful smelling things I work with every day. Anyway, I've been trying various perfumes over the past few weeks, without too much success. I have tracked down one, which I'm not sure if I like or not. It has a bit too much citrus for my likes when first put on the skin, but it calms down pretty well... It works well with my natural scent, but then it doesn't seem to have the real 'staying power' that I'm after. I'm not sure I want to spend $90 on a perfume that doesn't hang around.

Any suggestions? I like musky, sweet, spicy and woody sorts of smells, with some of my favourite notes being jasmine, vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood and cedarwood. I like dewy kinds of florals, I suppose, like orchid and violet and, to a lesser extent, neroli. I don't like citrus smells, or things that are too sweet or too artificial. The modern tendancy for that awful artificial 'water' smell really puts me off.

I know, I'm being picky.

Hair. I need a hair cut. More to the point, I need to have my hair sorted out and well looked after as possible for nuwishas_tail's wedding. The only problem is, I've basically had my hair cut by my mother for my entire life - she is a qualified hair-dresser, don't you know. But I think was I really need is a proper haircut and treatment in a hair dressers, or a salon or something.

But I've never been to one, and don't know which are any good. I have very tempermental and difficult hair, you see. It's very fine, but there is a lot of it. It's also straight on the top layer, but wavy underneath, so it poses problems when you are trying to cut it level.

All I really need is a trim and probably a proper conditioning treatment or something (it's long and boring, and I'd like to keep it as long and boring as possible), but I'd really like it to be done properly. Does anyone know where a good hair-dresser is?

Shoujo games. All of this listening to the Revolutionary Girl Utena spundtrack has left me wanting to watch it again, and having watched a few episodes again it makes me want to run a RGU game at a con or something. I seem to recall that there is a RGU supplement for Big Eyes Small Mouth, but I'm not sure I want to go buying it if I don't have much of a target audience.

D&D. I picked up a second hand copy of the Epic Level Handbook in almost perfect condition yesterday at a steal or a price. It made me joyous. My party is beginning to get to the stage where I need the Epic Level book lying around, just for reference, so the players can know how best to gear their characters for the future, and so that I can surprise them with hugely difficult challenges.

I actually think I got in trouble for giving the party difficult challenges recently, though, so I may be getting ahead of myself a little. Sigh. I'm just trying my hardest to get it right, and to give the players a game they enjoy.

Japan Festival. This Sunday is the Japan Festival in the Box Hill town hall. It is an annual event, filled with demonstrations, things to buy and tasty food. This year, as per normal, the Budokai is putting on a demo of the martial arts taught there, including naginata. I'm not sure when naginata will be on, but the Budokai as a whole will be demonstrating between 2 and 2.45pm; we'll be somewhere in there, quite possibly first.

Anyway, you should all come along to watch - I almost invariably end up smacking the microphone into the audience. Well, okay, I've only done that two or three times, and it has always been an accident. Still funny, though.

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  • Oh, CWA...

    Of course the first recipe I try is one of those recipes that isn't actually written down, but passed on by word of mouth. For example, ingredient…