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Where the wild thing aren't.

There was a fucking awesome party on Friday night that I did not go to, because I am a fucking awful person. I know you are all thinking it, so let me just get it out in the open for all to see. Be as pissed off with me as you like for not turning up, because you have thoroughly convinced me over the past four years that I deserve it, and that I am as bad as you say I am.

Now that I have that off my chest...

Japan Festival. The Japan Festival was good. Only minor screw ups. A bit disappointing to spend a couple of hours in transit for eight minutes on the stage, but you know, such is life. I was a good, grovelly student for sensei, so if nothing else I have earned brownie points. Also, we got a policeman to take a photo of us, which for some reason I find very funny.

Giving counsel. I've found that, given how much of a bad time I have had coping with life in general, that I have become one of those people that others go to for advice when they are feeling down. Which is another thing I find kind of funny, really - that I can't sort myself out, yet I do my damnedest to help others sort themselves out. I don't know, maybe it's because I don't give platitudes, just level-headed honesty. Who knows?

Injuries. Not my injuries this time, which is thankful. One of the girls got whacked on the fingers at training on the weekend, and recieved some very odd muscle damage. We had a nurse and someone who had taken about a billion St John's ambulance courses, as well as myself (who is experienced in recieving stray hits) and two highly experienced martial artists, and we had never seen anything like it. No swelling, no redness, no obvious injury to speak of at all, just nasty surface pain. We fussed over the poor girl, trying to make her as comfortable and warm as possible, while she waited for her mother to rush in and sweep her off to a doctor. Nothing too permanent, from what I understand, which is fortunate.

Birthday. Given my no-show at the best party of the year - nay, dare I say the century - and those I personally insulted with my lack of attendance, I can hardly call the gathering at my place on the 28th of May a party. I guess I have to call it a quiet gathering of friends and acquaintances or something.

In any case, the plan is for a relatively tame and civilised evening, with conversation (and perhaps arthouse movies) downstairs, fighting games upstairs (it was the only way I could convince bishi_wannabe that this whole gathering was a good idea), and a steady stream of tasty nibbles prepared by myself. After all, all I seem to be good for these days is wasting away at work and being a good little haus frau in the kitchen.

As a bribe to those who are still pissed off with me because of friday night, I am going to bake a red velvet cake.
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