Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Young jedi

I've been playing my misappropriated copy of the Samurai Jack game recently (you know, the game which has not yest been released in Australia? But don't worry, I *am* playing it on an Australian version - no pirated games for me). All I've been thinking about while playing it is how Jack is basically a jedi, which lead me to the obvious conclusion (which I already knew, but had to remind myself), that all jedi are basically samurai.

I've also been listening to the Episode III soundtrack rencently. It makes me feel quite nostalgic, but to be honest a little diappointed. There is hadly any new music in the score - it's almost entirely a rehash of the previous five films (musically speaking), just arranged differently and put together in different ways. This is good, because I enjoy the music from the other films, but bad because I was hoping for something new and electrifying, like 'the Duel of the Fates' was when Episode I came out.

There is a promotion on at the moment that one out of three large packs of some breakfast cereals you can win a light up saber spoon. It's a milky plastic spoon and, when you push a button, it lights up. Why someone would want to eat their breakfast with a beam of solidified light eludes me, but goddamitkenny I want one. We are on our second huge box of cereal, with no spoon as of yet. But I live in hope.

I still haven't finished KOTOR II yet, as I've been distracted by many things as well as the XBox being upstairs in the lair of bishi_wannabe, where he spends hours putting little girls in swimsuits and having them fight mecha or something. I don't know, I don't pay much attention to Xenosaga II, but if you have seen some of the horrors I have seen you wouldn't blame me. In any case, I feel obliged to finish KOTOR II at some stage soon.

I'm also kind of getting excited again about the idea of running a very short Star Wars D20 game when I take a break from my DnD game.

All that being said, however, I'm not as excited about Episode III at this stage as I thought I would be. Maybe it's something about Kayden Christensen's acting, maybe it's something about Euan McGreggor's face being mostly covered in beard... Maybe I will become more excited closer to the day.

I've been told Kit Fisco features more prominently in the film. Confirm/deny?
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