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May. 17th, 2005

Bond. I am a little embarassed to admit it, given the poppy-mainstreamness, but I really like the band Bond. I mean, four gorgeous chicks with violins. What's not to like? But because of their poppy-mainstreamness, I feel reluctant to buy another of their albums. Will I be disappointed? I mean, what if they suck royally?

Speaking of wondering if a group is little more than one-album-wonders, I've heard romours that Evanescence - the ex-Christian-rock band (in that they used to play Christian-rock) - is releaseing their second album later (much later) this year. I'm in two minds... if they suck, I'll be disappointed.

E-not-ica. Or, erotica is not erotic. I picked up a cheap and nasty collected works of erotica book ages ago, but only started reading it recently. Cheap, certainly, but nasty it ain't. I mean, not in the good way. It's all very odd - there is nothing arousing about the stories at all. The most erotic part of one story has been some guy poking his tongue against the eye of his girlfriend. The best part of the book has been, thusfar, an exerpt from "Beauty's Release" by Anne Rice, a book I have read before. And even *that* wasn't very good.

Menu planning. I've been planning out what I should prepare for my birthday thingie. I don't know why, but I'm finding it fun and exciting to come up with things I can cook/serve to people. Finger-food is somehow more entertaining to me that meal-cooking, perhaps because it is not something I have a whole bunch of experience with. Hopefully I will still find it fun on the day...

Iconology. I want to have an over-haul of my lj-icons, because I only seem to use a few of the ones I have in my collection, and yet I have not used up all of my icon spaces. I'll have something of a sift through the ones I havn't uploaded from my computer to lj yet, but, you know, I'm always thankful for more. I hoard, you see.


May. 17th, 2005 02:16 am (UTC)
Mmmm, enotica!
Try Anne Bishop for very very dark, slightly twisted erotica wrapped in a rather good fantasy novel. The Black Jewels Trilogy; Daughter of the Blood, Heir to the Shadows, and Queen of Darkness. Last novel of the three is almost a comedy novel its so full of damn good lines and moments. These live on my all-time favourites shelf (when I'm not carting them around to read!).
Also, Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series for very bondage based erotica, again wrapped in a fantasy novel but this time one of those alternative Europe ones. Black Jewels are very much high psuedo-medieval like LOTR, Kushiel's stuff is very similar to Guy Gavriel Kay's habit of writing a novel set in 'France' which just happens to be called Arbonne. In this case 'France' is Terre d'Ange. Also quite violent, I found the third novel not as rewarding, plot was a lot more obvious and long rape sequence kind of dulled the edges for me. Extra bonus is that Carey is Australian!