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Greet the Dawn

Party - Trash included. Laura's party was on friday, and it was grand. I was dressed to the trashy-nines, and damn proud of it. I also acted as matcha_pocky's safety monkey, and I might just point out that as a safety monket, I rock!!! Fear my macheavelian schemes. Anyway, it was a grand time, and I must say that I like the neighbours. They're cool. I also took a number of highly suspect photos, but in the cold light of day I think I'll probably keep them to myself.

Or, you know, sell them to the highest bidder. :) I am the mastah of panty-shots.

There were only two downsides to the night. One, someone was very lucky I was in a mellow mood that evening, otherwise I would have caused a scene. 'Nuff said. Two, I am on antibiotics. I read the little warning leaflet which came with the antibiotics and, as a scientist, determined that if I were to take my second ab at lunchtime, not dinner, I should be right as rain for some drinkies.


Note to self; when on a high dosage of amoxicillin, for the love of god don't even attempt moderate drinking. I was very ill on saturday, which was very odd because I didn't drink enough to warrent being that sick. Maybe my years of wild hedonism have finally caught up to me, and my poor liver has given up. We shall see.

And to the people concerned (you know who you are), you're welcome. :)

Romance - Trash included. I finished the trashy romance novel I started reading in the hospital on saturday, while on the recovery. This has, unfortunately, revived my love of the romance novel. Fortunately, I have a whole bunch of unread trashy romance from the last time I was consumed by this madness, so I don't have to waste any more money on this tripe for the time being.

And speaking of tripe, I have started up again with my god-awful-fan-fiction-thing-I-am-such-a-tragic-nerd whatzit I started a long time ago, involving an NPC from my own DnD game. How pathetic is that? In any case, I think my lack of interest in it is the current lack of the main character having sex. I seek to remedy this shortly. Because, you know, sex sells.

Eurovision - Trashy!! I honestly don't know how I survived life without Eurovision. It was fantastic, with gold glitter-smothered cleavage as far as the eye could see. Drums were definately the go this year. I was a little disappointed that they put all the wacky entries at the start and the bland entries at the end this year - hopefully next year they will swap the order around. And what was with he departure from the tried and true, "Hello, this is (insert country name here) calling"?! That was the best bit! Anyway, while I am a little diappointed that carbon-copy-Turkey-woman from Greece won this year, I am simply joyous that the blandness twins from Latvia didn't win.

The countries I would have prefered as winners were;

The Ukraine - Ruslana, because she was better than any of the contestants. Let's face it, she was weilding a flame-thrower; how could anyone else compete?! That and they got Victor Uchenko, in all his (as rein_zero put it) face melted glory, to present a special prize.

Sweden - with the cute, leather-clad guy with the sexy back-up singers, who were totally robbed.
Serbia and Montenegro - How could you not love the Serbian boy band?! They wanted it more than anybody else there. They were also totally robbed.
Norway - with the Aerosmith tribute.
Maldova - with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers tribute.
The country who put forward the monstrosity that was the pink baby-doll dress clad trio, Feminem. EDIT: Bosnia!
Malta - the woman was large, proud, had a decent voice, could have devoured her opponents, and was wearing a truly ugly dress. What's not to love?
Spain - I don't care what anybody else says, I swear I saw nipple on the chick in blue.

I've heard a rumour that there will be a 50th year special later this year?! I can only hope. In any case, I'll be off trying to nab a copy of the CD and the book sometime this year, because Eurovision is my new reason to live.

Anyway, see you next year in Athens.
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