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Who are you?

I have come to work today dressed as myself. After two years stuck in this department feeling repressed and confined, I finally bit the bullet. I put on a Cure CD as I was getting ready for uni, and BAM! Insta-Becka. The most Becka I've been in a while. And sure, I've still got all sorts of things to worry about, but the nasty threat of depression seems to be fading away even as I type.

It's amazing how much being yourself can help esteem.

In any case, the money that CSL owes me is being chased up. I got my lit review draft back again, with good comments (even though there is still a whole bunch to fix). Stuart seems keen on pushing me towards publication in at least a small, local dental journal - I think he likes my writing style and the way I've been channeling information. He also told me that he thinks that I have it in me to do a PhD. Rockin'.

And liquid nitrogen is rolling across the floor towards my feet... gotta love working in a lab...

Jye's b'day tomorrow - I've bought him a GBA RPG called 'Breath of Fire' because it's what he wanted. I love him enough to give him another game, even if it mens less time with me. Guess I'm just a sucker for geeks. :)

Anyway, I've decided that if I don't get a scholarship I am going to drop to part time study and get a part time job, because I'm sick of being in my mother's pocket.

In summary, things are looking up, and I am wearing spangly fishnet stockings.
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