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Another day, another drama

I have a few new icons, including one with me wearing the smarmiest smirk you ever saw. It's from one of the shots at Laura's party, and would make more sence if you could see how surrounded my boosmah I was at the time.

I have to give a talk to one of the groups I'm in at uni about what I have acheived recently. Ha. Actually, it's not so bad this time around, because I am able to wave graphs at them. Graphs always impress people, and make them think you are spiffy. That is the most important lesson I have learned from my PhD so far - always have a graph handy if you need to dazzle someone with your brilliance (or, more frequently, convince them you haven't been wasting the past week looking at web comics).

Also, I'm getting pretty darn sick of the queasiness asociated with the antibiotics. No matter - my last dose is tomorrow morning. I think I'll cope until then.

Now, for more coffee...
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