Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Things happened.

Friday. Ran around with my mother, tried on the corset for my brother's wedding. Her comment was, "you look like you've had a boob job". Ran to the dress-maker, to try on the mocked-up train; I think it will look grand, just a little puffier at the but than I thought it would. Should be okay though.

We grabbed a coffee and a snack, and talked about how I get very irritated with stupid people.

Then I went shopping for food for Saturday. I *did* end up buying a small vat of salmon roe for Satruday, which I didn't end up bringing out for people. I must eat it by the 10th of June. I'll be offering it to people who come around on wednesday, if anyone is interested.

Friday night, my first friday at home for a long time, was spent cooking fudge and a red velvet cake. Red velvet cake is interesting to make, although I think it would have been a whole lot easier if I had a bench-top mixer to do it with. No matter, I succeded in the end (although I did have to pull some sneaky cooking tricks to do so).

Saturday. Got up early for some cooking, followed by a trip to the vic market. Bought most of the major supplies required, then dashed home to grab a weapon so that I could dash off to training.

Mrs N is away at the moment, which meant that the senior students could get involved in some international weapons smuggling. I now have a new weapon (one of the old-old-school naginatas) which I am not supposed to own, because I am not 4th dan. I'll be doing some sneaky practice on the side, which I am also not supposed to do. It also means that I have a new weapon to name. (My two naginatas being 'Mr Pointy' and 'Kali', and my zenichi being 'Shiva').

Left training early to dash back home for some cleaning, cooking, and a costume change. I wore a dress which was probably a little inadvisable, but it all worked out in the end. I also wore my new shoes for my brothers wedding (a birthday gift from my parents) for about an hour and a half before my feet hurt too much. This is worrying, but I suspect that it had more to do with my feet being sore from training earlier in the day.

Anyway, the house-warming/birthday thing was nice. Cozy, I'd say. Probably about 20 people, which was not too many for bishi_wannbe to cope with, and just enough for me to be content with. It was all very civilised and such, too, with Lon not living up to his promise of being drunk and beligerant. And I got to have icecream cake, but only after being subjected to 'happy birthday' being sung.

Sunday. Got up early, kicked around the house for a bit, then cleaned up the house. This didn't take very long at all, which was grand. Spent the day basically being a lazy bum, but seeing as how I had been running around crazily for a few days I figured it was all okay. Ended up napping on the couch while watching Excel Saga, which was a little unfortunate as it left me unable to sleep last night.

All in all, though, I think I had a pretty good weekend.
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