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So, they finally found something in Iraq. Eleven empty chemical warheads or something. There's an old saying somewhere that goes somewhere along the lines of, if you look for something hard enough you will start to see it everywhere. Well, all I can say is that it's only a matter of time before the US decides to go to war - they don't seem to be looking for a way to avoid it, but an excuse to start it. Even when the UN had spend weeks looking for these illegal and immoral weapons, Bush was saying how Iraq was irrefutably guilty.

And they might be - I don't know. That's just the thing - we *don't* know yet. If a global conflict is going to start, I would feel marginally better about the senseless violence that ensues if there was actually a proven reason for it, not just 'because we think that they are bad people'.

I commend the UN for telling us that, despite the fact they have found something, it does not necessarily warrant guilt. I don't want war. I don't want the people I know and love, or the countries I am affilated with, to be dragged into a bloody, violent conflict. Technology has gotten to the point where if such an event comes about, not one person in the world would be safe any more. Too many types of weapons and technologies that could be used to harm. Not enough to heal.

Yeah, call me a tree hugging hippie if you want, but I'd feel sooooooo much better if all the resources which had been channeled into war and war-related things over the course of human history had been put into agriculture, renewable resources, having all people in the world fed and healthy, not poluting the planet to all hell, and expanding our knowledge.

I am an idealist, and a dreamer. The sad part is that not enough other poeple are.
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