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Plans within plans

Mills and Boon news. I have set up a new account, because I am mad with power and crazy with madness. The awfulness of my attempts of romance writing for the sake of money will be contained, unsurprisingly, in millsnboon_rynn. (As an aside, I am planning on taking the whole xxxx_rynn thing to the extreme, because designadrug spurred me on to do so, and because I think it's funny).

I need icons for this awful lj, and any sickly sweet/romantic gift ones will be welcomed with thanks and praise. :)

Chemicals. I'm pretty gung ho in the lab, and I'll be the first to admit it. However, I am careful around chemicals which are actually dangerous, rather than generically hazardous. I have a possible allergy to flurosciene (or however it's spelt), the flourescent part of FITC. The reason why I say possible is because I don't want to test this theory, as if I *am* allergic to it, it means I will possibly go into anaphelactic shock.

Having said that, I am doing an experiment today which requires the use of FITC. All by myself. I am really careful with it whenever I use it, obviously, but today I suddenly got this itching soreness at the back of my throat. It's probably psychosomatic, and seeing as how it's been a good half hour and I'm still brathing it's definately NOT anaphelactic shock, but even so it makes me a little nervous.

Stupid long and tedious experiments with chemicals I don't trust.

*shakes fist*


Jun. 21st, 2005 08:15 am (UTC)
Blame me why don't you. Just cos I poked you in the ego my calling you dr_rynn.

Don't forget to also reserve, for future use, prof_rynn, postal_rynn, bitchy_rynn and of course poledancer_rynn.

Heh. I moved out of the lab and into computation because it got me away from pathogens, carcinogens, mutagens and teratogens only to have people poke fun at me for sitting in front of two CRT monitors all day and sucking up electromagnetic radiation...but I have a three letter retort for them: LCD :P