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Wedding Rehersal. The wedding rehersal for my brother was yesterday. There were a few minor dramas through out the day (the bride (and to a lesser extent the bridegroom) is beginning to get a bit frazzled by the whole affair, and needs more frequent breaks from people asking many questions - nothing major). I got to hang out with the rest of the groomsmen, which was fun, and they all reminded me that I was the only unmarried one in the lot. A laughed, pointed at the stress and bother that was going on, and said "That's why".

The rehersal itself went well, but longer than the actual ceremony will (or so I am told). It will not be your standard boring wedding ceremony, but apart from that I will say no more. Apart from the fact that it will be beautiful and lovely, and that several people cried during the rehersal because it was so touching. I will say, however, that the chapel is a little chilly, so if you are going be sure to bring something warm.

Lembas. I brought some of my latest batch of lembas to the rehersal for a bit of a snack, at it was very well recieved. Again, it has proven to be one of those snacks where on the first bite it's nice, but on the second it is better. It is a nice, filling, not too bad for you snacky cake for many occasions.

Work. Both of the boys work with on friday nights are looking to get other jobs, because of a very shit manager. I must admit, I've thought about bailing too. But we will see how things pan out.

Uni work is slow, tedious, boring and soul-destroying as usual. I am SO looking forwards to taking next week off - let's hope I can actually manage it.

Being girlie. bishi_wannabe had his Exalted game last night, and the girls involved (myself and Louise) both baked cookies and sewed throughout the session. So overwhealmingly girlie!!