Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Unicon Blurb - final draft. Mostly posted for the sakes of bishi_wannabe and mousebane, but also to show that it is not as shit as it was the first time...

The Griffin Crest – By Becka Orth

Since the beginning of time, memory and dream, the Fae had always been. They were creatures of power and dreams, of glory and might, whose rule was terrible and beautiful and alien to the race of man. All cowered at their feet, for there was no being or force that could dare oppose them. The Fae were as gods, and were treated accordingly.

Until the Great Contagion came.

Touched by affliction, illness and death for the first time in their history, the pale hand of the Fae Empire is finally forced. The last chance for Fae kind, Princess Hope – prophesied to bring salvation from the Great Contagion – falls into great peril, and is kidnapped by the treacherous Arachne, Queen of Spiders.

In a time of urgent and dire need, the mightiest hero from each of the Four Kingdoms are summoned to the rescue of Princess Hope; a Skald Valkyrie warrior from the untamed North, a fallen Sidhe knight from the lost West, a silent Tenkei assassin from the enduring East, and a Djinn sorceress from the exotic and glorious Southern lands.

Together they must unravel Arachne’s dire plans if they have any chance of survival, for in their hands rests the fate of Princess Hope, and of all Fae Kind.


‘The Griffin Crest’ is a single session Fae game of drama, loyalty, heroism, and choice set somewhere between “Exalted” and “Changeling: The Dreaming” (with some “Dark Ages: Fae” thrown in) for 4 players. Run as a sister game to “Dragon’s Embers” and “The Phoenix Insurrection”.

Adult Content: PG-MA (violence, horror)
Characterisation: 4
Genre Knowledge: 3-4
Rules Knowledge: 0 (systemless)
Seriousness: 3-4

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