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I am sheep, hear me bleat.

As instructed by designadrug. Name 10 celebrities that you find attractive and then tag 5 of your friends.

1. Orlando Bloom. Because we all know how fond I am of the Pretty Boy(TM).

2. Maggie Gyllenhaal. She's just plain hot, especially in "Secretary". She doesn't look like she has to *try* to be pretty, she just is.

3. Cillian Murphy. See reason 1.

4. Marilyn Monroe. I can choose dead celebrities, can't I? I'm a big fan of the galmour era thing.

5. Jonny Depp. See reason 1. But also because he has that ageless thing going on.

6. Liv Tyler. Picture perfect. Pale skin, dark blue eyes, rosebud lips, all surrounded by flowing dark hair.

7. Liam Neeson. I don't *just* like pretty boys. :) I like it when men mature gracefully. And boy, did he ever mature, rather than age.

8. Isabelle Adjani. From "Queen Margot". See reason 6.

9. Kaneshiro Takeshi. 'Jin' from House of Flying Daggers. Half Japanese, half Korean. Oh my.

10. Cate Blanchett. She's just plain gorgeous! Pale, pure and perfect. Well, maybe not perfect, but in an ideal world I'd like to look a lot more like her than I do now.

And I tag bishi_wannabe, tarleon, matcha_pocky, nuwishastail and sleazemokey, because I think that they WON'T do said meme. :)


Jun. 29th, 2005 05:09 am (UTC)
I second Mr. Wannabe - I'll post 'em here :)

In no particular order, a list of obscure celebrities who are my most recent boyfriend and/or girlfriend:

* Tadanobu Asano (violence and sex *do* mix)
* Sam Rockwell (it's that dance he does)
* Rachel Weisz (possibly the human incarnation of my type)
* Richard E. Grant (Mnyah!)
* Phillip Seymour Hoffman (I heart phillip seymour hoffman)
* Monica Belluci and Vincent Cassell (golden couple of Europa. Oooh.)
* Johnny Depp (because you can't not)
* Ed Norton (for the same reason)
* Catherine Zeta Jones (so very... flexible :) )
* Masatoshi Nagase (it's the glasses... check out the icon I made DJ :) ).

That's the short start of a very long list :) Just a few off the top of my head :)