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Uni work - I was tracked down, which made me all anxious. So then I tracked down someone else to make *them* feel anxious. All aboard the anxiety train.

Wedding work - I am finding myself making half-lists of things I need to do and pack and organise, before getting distracted by other lists. Wedding clothes, makeup, jewelry, entertainment, non-wedding clothes... all that sort of thing. And I'm not even the one getting married. Yikes. More fuel for the 'must not have a wedding' pile.

Speaking of anxiety... I should probably do something about that. You know, before it kills me before my time. I've suffered from major anxiety about all sorts of dumb things since I was about 6. I think 19 years is enough, don't you?

Anyway. I've got experiments to do and phone calls to make.

Oh! And before I forget, I should be taking next week off (unless the anxiety gets to me and I end up going back int work). Did you know that PhD students are supposed to get 4 weeks of holidays a year?! I only just found out! I've been so jibbed!


Jun. 30th, 2005 10:46 pm (UTC)
More fuel for wedding pile
* a chance to feed your friends really great food
* a really undeniably good reason for them all to come (better even than a 21st!), people will go to great lengths to attend weddings of close friends
* the opportunity to be queen for a day in an environment of your choosing
* its like writing a freeform in a setting you always wanted to work in, but this time you get to ask for costumes, you get to choose 'real life' sets and you get to serve themed food!

Still not sure that all of these outweigh the disasters that can happen (like make sure you know his family really well) but the heartaches were certainly outweighed in my case by the good vibes (and my wedding was a shocker for family conflict!!)