Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Uni work - I was tracked down, which made me all anxious. So then I tracked down someone else to make *them* feel anxious. All aboard the anxiety train.

Wedding work - I am finding myself making half-lists of things I need to do and pack and organise, before getting distracted by other lists. Wedding clothes, makeup, jewelry, entertainment, non-wedding clothes... all that sort of thing. And I'm not even the one getting married. Yikes. More fuel for the 'must not have a wedding' pile.

Speaking of anxiety... I should probably do something about that. You know, before it kills me before my time. I've suffered from major anxiety about all sorts of dumb things since I was about 6. I think 19 years is enough, don't you?

Anyway. I've got experiments to do and phone calls to make.

Oh! And before I forget, I should be taking next week off (unless the anxiety gets to me and I end up going back int work). Did you know that PhD students are supposed to get 4 weeks of holidays a year?! I only just found out! I've been so jibbed!
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