Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

The Wedding

At long last, a wedding report! Now with less angst!


The boys all converged in the boy's cabin (with a bit of to-ing and fro-ing), and we devoured KFC. This was followed by sword polishing, watching of violent films, and refusing to give the girls next door any of our alcohol. :)

I am under the impression that the girls spent the night fretting, doing last minute things, and doing their nails.

Saturday - Morning

Because I piked early from the violent films, I woke up much earlier than the rest of the boys. Hearing the giggling of gilrs next door, I went over and decided to make myself useful by helping with the breakfast cooking. This turned out to be a very important task, as I was entrusted to poach eggs for the bride.

After ensuring the girls were all happy and fed, I returned to the boys... to find that they were awake and hungry! Thusly, I fulfilled my duty as girl-groomsman and cooked them a rather hearty breakfast (eggs, bacon, mushies, tomatoes, re-fried-fried chicken and french toast). The rest of the morning was spent going to and fro from both cabins, and getting made up, dressed, and doing my hair.

At the appointed time, the groom, myself, and the best man piled into a car to zoom off to the chapel for setting up. The groom had been getting stressed out up until this point, when I started to fulfill my second purpose - to act as a stress sponge. He calmed down completely, while I sarted fretting.

Saturday - Afternoon

The afternoon went off basically without a hitch! I had to calm my mother down when she first arrived, because she had an error with the time and was terrified about being late, but other than that everything went smoothly. The chapel was a little over-full, but we were all friends and it wasn't really a problem.

Also, virtually everyone was in period costume of some description, something which was fabulous and appreciated by all! Go all of you costumed people!

The bride arrived and looked absolutely radient.

The ceremony itself was a series of rituals, which kept things interesting for those who would normally get bored at weddings, and all in all it was a beautiful affair. Very emotional, with many weepy folk (my bawling self included). It was simply lovely.

Saturday - Evening

There were some group photos until the light faded, then the dinner. The food was very good, and the assembled crowd was very well behaved. There were only a few difficult spots, and that was nothing to do with people arguing or anything like that - both in-law families got along really well. Everybody had a grand time.

In fact, the only thing that I think caused a bit too much of a problem was my own fault. You see, it had been years since I wore a corset for an extended period, and never for an eleven hour stretch before. The design of the corset I was wearing meant that I had to keep it laced up pretty darn tight to avoid any 'wardrobe malfunctions' (as we were at nipple alert 5 for most of the day anyway). Which is uncomfortable, but all well and good... right up until you try to eat. You see, as my stomach expanded with food (I hadn't eaten since breakfast and was really hungry), my lungs were squashed even more. Combine that with an over-heated, crowded dining area and what do you get?

To be fair, I didn't actually pass out. I got very wobbily and light-headed, and had to sit down in a cool place for a while (panting), but I was eventually okay. Not before I had attracted the attentions of well-meaning family and friends though. Ooops.

The speaches, too, were really well done, even by those who had no notes prepared. Of course, even the speaches had a few mishaps, but nothing that detracted from the joy of the occassion.

We *did* have to vacate the building fairly swiftly, but half to two thirds of the guests had already gone home by then, so even that wasn't much of a problem.

All in all, it was a fantastic occasion enjoyed by all, and one that one that I was deeply honoured to be apart of.

All of my well-wishes go out to my brother and my new sister, for I will always love them both more than I will ever be able to put into words.
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