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Today I met up with a guy I know called Ralf. Ralf is great, and the only thing I regret about our frindship is that we didn't become friends sooner, because we have known/known of eachother for years and years. Ralf is also a graduate of the Deakin drama thingie.

Anyway, I told him about punk_rock_nerd's upcoming audition for the VCA, and about how astrodust has talked about auditioning for the VCA and for NIDA. And about how every time one of my friends does the auditioning thing, I always get a little jealous because I have always wanted to go the the VCA and be an actor, but how I have always chosen the relatively safe path of a career in science instead.

But that, you know, at the back of my mind I always wanted to give it a shot. And how now that I am over 25, I should be able to get Austudy again.

And you know what he said? Go for it. Just like that, without missing a beat. That he thinks I'd do well, as the sort of person that they would want to have in the course (talent aside, that is).

That was fucking awesome of him. Because it has always been one of my secret dreams which I don't talk about for fear of ridicule by those whose opinions I value, and it was the first time I can remember getting any sort of encouragement to try it. To just try it. Regardless of success or failure.

I'm beginning to think seriously about actually giving it a shot for the mid year selections for next year, once I've got this fucking awful degree which I hate out of the way. In the words of William Shatner;

"Live life like you're going to die. Because you're going to."
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