Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Updates of banality

Progress on Arc game:

Body of the game - 100% complete
Exposition - 75% complete
Player Handouts - 60% complete
Character sheets - 100% complete

Hours spent being a tortured artists last night- ~1
Cups of tea consumed while writing last night- 3
Playetest to be held - today, maybe
Ate the players aware of this - hell, not even I know
Number of pod-people who have prereged - 2
Number of people who I know don't suck who have prereged - 2
Number of people who have prereged in total - ~20 I think
Chance of the game being a massive flop - 10%

As Jye is constantly pointing out to me, the best part of my games is apparently by characters. SO, my plan to compensate for a plot and pacing I'm not too confident in is to make the characters cooler. Let that be a lesson to you. :)
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