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Fund Raising Poll Thingie

Fear my treasurer-fu.

Poll #538886 Fund Raising Questions

If I was to do a fund-raising run for the ANF, would you folks be more likely to buy chocolate or something like Starburst gummi things? Not that I'm demanding you buy, I just want a cross-section of humanity to judge what will sell better.

Random chocolate (ie, blocks of said chocolate)
Starburst Gummie Thingies
Things like Malteasers (ie, packets with multiple 'things' inside, like fun-sized chocolate bars)
Other - please leave a comment stating what your 'other' is


Jul. 27th, 2005 07:12 am (UTC)
You could try www.actionads.biz
or an LJ friend of a friend (nakedteddybears)has a business www.tangiblepromotions.com

Just google 'promotions, mugs'