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This is a test

Progress on Arc game:

Body of the game - 100% complete
Exposition - 100% complete
Player Handouts - 60% complete
Character sheets - 100% complete

Success of playtest - 80%
Cups of tea consumed while playtesting - 2
Amount of game which needs to be fixed - 10%
How drastic are the changes - minor

Number of people who have prereged in total - ~20 I think
Chance of the game being a massive flop - 2%

Rocking. The playtest went fairly well last night, and the boys all had fun. I had a few crinkles in the plot and, with their help, it will be ironed out a bit (one change is to make a scene more Harry Potter-ish, the other change is to streamline the transition towards the final confruntation). As ususal, I have enough plot for two or three sessions, so the game requires some pruning as well.

The characters, as usually happens with me, have turned out to be my saving grace. No matter how contrived the plot may be, the characters will make the game enjoyable. It turns out that the character I designed as the optional one is the only one who really must be played for the game to work (so say my playtesters). So, I've decided to have the most fun character to play (if played properly) as the optional one. More's the pity.

Anyway, I am feeling more confident about it, even to the point where I am almost looking forward to running it a few times on 35+ days in a hig school surrounded by smelly, sweaty role-pleyers. Tell me why I do this again?

I'd just like to cast my vote and say that the middle of Summer is a bad time to have a con.
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