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Back again!

Well, all things considered, I think Arcanacon went well this year. I was particularly impressed with the orgs, who did a simply fantastic job. Well done all!

As for my game, it seemed really well recieved, which was nice. I had a fair wadge of players (I didn't realise how many until I was handed a list at the end of people who had officially paid for my game), and in general I was impressed with the caliber of them. Almost everyone who played was a Harry Potter fan, and there were only a few minor hissy fits had at GMing calls. What was nice was the fact that I had a whole bunch of people from interstate and other people who I don't normally run show up for the game - obviously this game attacted a different audience than my others.

As for the heat, it's best not to dwell on it too much. In summary, I almost collapsed from the heat on the first day, and was afraid I had sun-stroke. The second day I was fading in and out of consciousness during sessions, and people were nervous about sending me home by myself (thanks to Alex Loke for offering my a ride home, and to Ben Leong for making sure I got on an air conditioned bus safely). The second and third days were a breeze by comparison.

I had some simply fantastic teams, who made the game really enjoyable for me. This year I went in with the attitude that since I knew it wasn't the best game I'd written, and that it was no-where near polished enough, I'd treat it like a game I was running for a few friends on the weekend. The lack of stress worked wonders.

My game was actually so well recieved that for the first time, some people from interstate (Perth) asked very nicely if they could have a copy of the module so that they could run it there. I was so chuffed that I said yes straight away, under the condiditon that they would email me with feedback. Gosh.

And, to my delight, not only was I told that I was looking good this con (being as how the admirer in question likes women who are a little more curvey, and that the extra weight I had put on since the last con is all apparently in the right places), but also all the nervous energy I burnt during sessions seems to have helped me lose 2 kg over the con, which makes me infinately happy. Diet kicking into gear, and trying to find excuses to walk around a lot for excersise. Hurrah!

And I'd just like to say that I have real problems concentrating when running a boy in a girls school uniform. Got me all a quiver, it did. Getting all flustered atgain just thinking about it. (He's a bad, bad man...)

Anyway, on a scale from 1 to 10, I think that Arcon this year deserves an 8. Job well done to all.

Oh, and before I go, potential future con games as follow;
Changeling freeform - Arcon 2004
Final Fantasy 2 session table top - ?
L5R/Exalted cross over table top - ?
A game more pretentious than Aaron Fenwick's - ?
Sequal to The Tale of Magnus - Arc 2004?

Feedback welcome.
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