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On another note

I was standing at a roundabout, waiting to cross the road, when this beat up car full of yobbos slows down infront of me. The driver winds down his window, leans out and gives me the line;

"Hey baby, you want a ride on my hot rod?"

Before driving off, chucking to themselves at their own wit. What astounded me, apart from the sheer idiocy of the guys in the car, was the fact that the guy in question would have had to have the line preprepared. It's not the sort of thing he would think of on the fly (or, at least, I assume). Does that mean that he sat around with his buddies one night drinking beer, coming up with various lines to hurl out at women they pass on the street?

It's sheerly mind-boggling. I mean, how would such a thing occur? Where is the logical leap from (A) there is a woman on the street, to (B) I will deliver a crass and vaguely clever line when I am close enough, then to (C) After which I will drive off before she can show either aproval or disaproval.

Where on earth do these people come from?
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