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Changeling - The Obsessing

I have a love hate relationship with Changeling. Changeling has in the passed few years been lumped with Wraith in the 'Arthouse' category of WW publishing. Some people (I mean Cameron) say it's because Changeling simply doesn't sell, but I think he is wrong. Changeling is apparently selling very well in the USA, which is why it is still around (and not gone down the path of Wraith). A whole lot of people consider me 'that chick who runs Changeling', and I'm not sure if it's for the right reasons.

I am a tortured artist, you see, and I'd like to think I had a good set up for the Camarilla Changeling game I tried to run for many months. At the end of it, though, all I was left with was lack of support, bitterness, and a room full of Pooka. So much for my dark, serious game centered around trying to reclaim the city in the name of Arcadia.

Back to the love-hate thing. No matter how much I try to separate myself from it, Changeling always lures me back. No matter what systems I use, I always link them back somehow to Changeling. It has permiated my phsyche so deeply that it has become an almost unconscious point of reference, not as a reality per se, but as an alternate reality and perspective on the universe.

The idea of running a Companion game to the Arcadian Chronicals, the series of three games I ran at cons over a few years, has swept me up into its grasp. My mind is a whirl with ideas for a rich and powerful setting, deep and emotionally developed characters, and compelling, nigh startling plot. Changeling once more has me in its thrall, and I dare not try to escape it.

I want to create a work of art, you see, with players as both the paint and the brushes. I want my game to be a canvas on which a masterwork is created. Pretentious? Certainly. Ambitious? Undoubtably. Can I pull it off?....

My whole driving goal when it comes to con games is the same now as it has been for years; I want to create a game that makes people think. That makes them say, 'god damn, that was a good game'. A game that people will talk about for years to come. A game that will inspire people to write better games themselves - one that will perpetuate the improvement of role-playing in general.

It is my dream. I am a dreamer. One day, my dream may be realised.

La belle dame sans merci has me in thrall...
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