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Thursday's shenanigans

Well, retail therapy helped yesterday (except for the fact that there was very little I wanted to buy apart from clothes for little asian girls about three times smaller than me). Followed by an anxiety attack. Yay me. Should really do something about that - getting really sick of hyperventilating and having heart palpitations at the slightest mention that I could have done something wrong.

Alex Neilson's going away do last night. I flexed my social muscle and was able to get all 12 of us into a restaurant without booking. I am now officially an ornagisation ninja. Bam. Took care of the bill too, in that way that the greasy itallian men running the joint wanted to take me for their very own. Fear my l337 management skillz.

I was a very naughty, rude little girl, too - but since the boys plied me with red wine, it's all their fault. Bonded with Alex in a most unexpected way;

Becka: Don't touch that!
Alex: Why not?
Becka: It's my PENIS!!! (followed by insane giggling for 10 minutes)

Alex'll be gone for 6 or so months, and I'll miss him, but he'll have an ace time so it's all okay.

Very tired, but I need to be in bright and early for a meeting. Likely to get chewed out for not doing my work properly. Insane experiment schedual on the horizon - must make uber amounts of media today (2 different sorts). More mice, more death, more hard work.

And I still can't get someone who has no right to be there out of my head.
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